Dual System

Don't like 3rd Party Affiliate Systems but DO like CCBill?

Don't like CCBill but DO like 3rd Party Systems?

Hey, whatever you want, we got!
You can promote AndiCandi.com directly via CCBill's traditional Affiliate System or our OWN System: SiteDepth AMS!
What is the difference?
AndiCandi Affiliate tools remain the same wether it is CCBill or SiteDepth AMS, however:
CCBill Option has:

1. Traditional CCBill affiliate linking codes that have been present with CCBill since day 1.

2. CCBill handles affiliate payouts directly on a weekly basis, often paying affiliates 10 days after the period has finished.

3. No alternate billing methods outside CCBill's current payment options: CreditCard
Check (US Only)
Phone (US Only)
EU Debit & Direct Pay

4. CCBill is by far one of the most trusted processors (billing companies) in the industry and does not look like they are going anywhere.
SiteDepth AMS Option has:
1. Multiple /processor/billing options, including:
Three Credit Card Billing Processors
Two US Check Billing Processors
Three World Wide Phone Billing Processors
All of which cascade if a transaction is declined or can be chosen easily without the cascade option directly by the consumer.

2. Sales typically increase between 20% to 30% with the added processors/billing options. If a sale is declined by CCBill, it can be accepted by another processor with different criteria or regional capability.

3. Multiple & Flexible payout formats:
Wire Transfer
ACH (Direct Deposit) US Only
Other - we are always adding new options to provide better & faster ways to pay our affiliates.

4. Payouts:
Each period is set up for 15 days: 1st to the 15th of each month and the 16th to end of the month.
Once the period ends, AndiCandi's adminstrative company (WontonMedia) issues the payment 30 days following.
This is to provide ample time to detect and avoid fraudulent activity.
If the affiliate is a 'premier' affiliate, that is to say, an affiliate who is known to us, then we can pay as early as 5 days following the end of a given period.

5. Minimum Payouts:
Each payout is set as a default of $100 US dollars as minimum payout.
If the affiliate is a premier affiliate, then payout minimum can be as low as $50 US dollars.
Some payout formats require as high as $300, such as wire transfers.
CCBill pays you:
One processor but trusted.
Weekly payouts
AndiCandi pays you:
Multiple processors = as high as 30% higher sales.
BiMonthly payouts
Multiple ways to be paid

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